Ptak Outlet - Największe centrum wyprzedaży w Polsce - Rzgów k. Łódzi

PTAK Centrum Handlowe


Centrum Targowe „Ptak” S.A. in Rzgów is situated on the outskirts of Łódź by the A 1 Gdańsk-Cieszyn route, approximately 350 km from the country border.

Object of activity

The main object of activity of C.T. „Ptak” S.A. is rental of shopping units for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and importers,  predominantly in the clothing and textile sector. A significant part of the activities of  C.T. „Ptak” is  trading in real estate (info) situated in very attractive locations in various parts of Poland.

Characteristic features of  Centrum Targowe ”PTAK” S.A.

Over 19 years of its existence, PTAK Shopping Centre has become the largest wholesale centre in Poland and one of the largest such establishments in Central and Eastern Europe. Clothing manufacturers as well as domestic and foreign importers run business in over 2,500 boutiques. Out shopping centre consists of modern shopping halls of the total area of 120,000 m2, spread over  20 ha of land, where thousands of buyers from Poland and neighbouring countries bulk buy clothes, footwear and accessories. This activity is dominated by  wholesale of women’s, men’s and children’s  garments, underwear, swimwear, footwear, accessories and jewellery. The lessees of the shopping centre guarantee wholesale prices of their goods. The services offered by PTAK Shopping Centre include foreign exchange bureaus, a bank branch, a post office and numerous bars and restaurants. Our customers are provided with over 6 thousand parking spaces. The entire complex is supervised 24 h per day by professional security. The shopping centre is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 hrs to 15:00 hrs, Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 15:00.

History of PTAK Shopping Centre

The history of establishment of Centrum Targowe “Ptak” S.A. (PTAK Shopping Centre joint stock company) dates back to January 1993, when a family-run limited liability company PPHU “Ptak” sp. z.o.o. is registered. However, as early as in February 1993, the company moves to Rzgów, where – in the same month – the first market hall marked A is opened. In March 1993, the scope of the company’s activity is expanded to include wholesale and retail sale of clothing, and two new market halls – B and C – are opened. In autumn 1993, a new big commercial hall marked D is opened for business with its 350 stores and a higher finish standard.

At the same time, in November, the construction of the largest hall – G hall – commences, and the official opening of the same takes place in September the following year. To celebrate this occasion, under the patronage of PTAK Shopping Centre, Radio Łódź and the “Wiadomości Dnia” daily an event is held where popular Łodź artists perform. In January 1994, trading activities commence in two further halls, E and F, and in winter that same year, modernization of heating systems in all existing halls is completed.

In July 1995, the limited liability company PPHU “Ptak” sp.z.o.o. is transformed into a  joint stock company and Kazimierz Ćwikła is elected the President of its Management Board. Beginning of the year 1996 witnesses another success of PTAK Shopping Centre: in recognition of his services for the creation and development of wholesale in Poland, President of the Supervisory Board Antoni Ptak is awarded the title of the “Businessman of the Year 1995″ by the chapter of the Polish Business Club, which definitively confirms his position in the business world and the significance of his achievements.

Also in that same year, another modern hall, marked H, is opened for business. Its official opening and the accompanying event is attended by representatives of local authorities, famous artists and the public. Due to the significant  interest in lease of shopping floors in PTAK Shopping Centre, in spring 1997 yet another hall – hall I – is opened with over 4,200m2 of usable area. The following years witness a dynamic growth of the Centre. In 2002, PTAK Shopping Centre opens for business 4 more modern, spacious halls of the total area of 30 thousand square meters. These new halls give jobs to over a thousand people. Two years later, in 2004, Bogdan Migdał becomes the President of the Management Board of Centrum Handlowe “Ptak” S.A. In 2005, halls G and I are extended by adding G Bis and I Bis parts, respectively.
Year 2006 brings further new investments. In mid-year, the owners of the Centre erect two modern Shopping Arcades which meet all possible European standards: Pasaż Zachodni (the West Arcade) and Pasaż Wschodni (the East Arcade). Spacious, extensively glazed stores and the elegant galleries quickly gain recognition amongst new lessees and customers of the Centre.
The new Arcades further boost interest in lease of shopping floors. The manufacturers and importers who wish to have their stores at PTAK Shopping Centre are not kept waiting for too long. As early as at the beginning of 2007, construction of two further Shopping Arcades commences: Pasaż Południowy (the South Arcade) and Pasaż Centralny (the Central Arcade). The South Arcade serves as a connector between G, G Bis and H halls, while the Central Arcade completes and connects into one the separate parts of the Shopping Promenade, which is made up of the former A, B, C and D halls. The Centre’s newest hall is A-bis hall, which further increases the Shopping Promenade’s total area.
At present, the Centre houses stores run by over 3 thousand entrepreneurs from all over the country, which employ more than 4 thousand people. Year after year, every day PTAK Shopping Centre is visited by hundreds of purchasers from Eastern Europe. Another group of customers which is growing by the month is that of German, Czech and Hungarian buyers. It s here that they come to buy supplies of the latest fashion at low prices, which are subsequently sold in their boutiques and clothing stores. In 2005, PTAK Shopping Centre was awarded the prestigious “Gazela Biznesu” award by the prominent business daily “Puls Biznesu”. The Centre was awarded in recognition of its dynamic growth and of it being a worthy business partner.
For years, PTAK Shopping Centre has also been doing charity work, helping public organizations as well as individuals. Since the beginning of this year, it has been the main sponsor of the “Skrzydła dzieciom” (“Wings for Children”) Foundation, which assists disadvantaged children in pursuing their passions and dreams.